These Large and well equipped laboratories help students learn under the able guidance of our teachers. The physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are well stocked with materials, chemicals, models, charts and other teaching aids for comprehensive education. Student learn to experiment, verify and invent. The learning process becomes more interesting and theory is further reinforced with practical knowledge.

Our Location at Khandala Offers

Easy access from Mumbai & Pune
Scenic View including Waterfalls
Peaceful Ambience
Salubrious Climate
Pollution free environment
Closeness to nature

Our School is ideal place to conduct

Karate camp, Yoga camp
Trekking / Hiking / Excursion
Personality development camp
Short term professional training
Seminars Meditation, Scouting
Cultural function, Coaching camp for studies
Weekend Picnic

We offer basic facilities for the above activities including

Dormitory type of accommodation
Limited number of guest rooms
Kitchen facilities
Gym - Swimming pool, skating, Volley ball
Basket Ball, Table tennis, Badminton